Onsa Nedew Cal

Master of The Onsa


Age: Elder
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Species: Mirialan
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Skin: Yellow
Eyes: Orange
Facial Features: Distinctive horizontal scar on side of head.
Tattoos: Traditional Mirialan tattoos
Last Seen Wearing: Traditional Mandalorian Robes


Jameson’s Report
The bounty on this guy is high, high enough for The Empire to forgive you for your past transgressions. Apparently he’s a master from some old dead religion, typical believe in yourself and trust the fates Mirialan bullshit. Shouldn’t put up much of a fight himself, but apparently he’s got some deadly followers tagging along, as well as some pull with a local sect of outcast Mandalorians. Tread carefully, friends.

Onsa Nedew Cal

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